Welcome Saints to Salva Fitness and Nutrition

Most people join and fitness and nutrition program to look good and to especially look good to the opposite sex!

This Latin Music Christian Fitness and Nutrition program is for this purpose:  To glorify God and become Holy.  By taking care of our temples we are glorifying God.

This is the perfect program for church groups because the music is about God.  Every song speaks about salvation.  Every song brings glory to God.

The program is a full fitness and nutrition program.   The fitness program only consists of warm-up, stretch, isometrics, fitness dance and floor exercises.  We start with prayer and we end with prayer!  The music ranges from moderate to very fast.  YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!

We are holding instructor trainings in the Spring.  Instructors will be able to purchase playlists and become part of the Salva Saints Network (SSN)

Students will have their own  Salva Saints Social Media Site.  This program has been a vision for 20 years.  The enemy tried to stop it but we got it done.  We are the original Latin Dance Fitness program.  We will be known as the Salva Saints all over the world.


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