‘Trinity Fitness’ gym in Colorado Springs offers Christ-centered workout routines

This is the kind of gym I would love to own…Fitadelphia

(REUTERS / Rick Wilking)Clients work out on machines in Arvada, Colorado June 15, 2009.

A fitness center in Colorado Springs is offering programs that are centered on faith and Jesus Christ, in an effort to create a balance between physical and spiritual workouts for their clients.

Trinity Fitness is a nonprofit and donation-based gym which offers metabolic conditioning programs centered on faith and Christ. The sessions start with five minutes of devotional time and a Bible verse, which is incorporated in the whole workout routine, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

It all began in 2008 when Wendy Palmisano asked her husband Jason to help her in her physical transformation. They began a workout routine in their garage in Florida after that. They focused on helping people become healthy, not only physically but also spiritually, based on the history posted on the official website of Trinity Fitness.

The website of the fitness gym has posted the Bible verse 1 Timothy 4:8 on its front page. The verse conveys the message that although physical training is important, godliness is even more important.

“We focus on the spiritual and on the physical,” trainer and facility director Jason Krause said. “We consider spiritual the priority since it’s the one that lasts longer.”

The fitness gym later grew and more and more people have joined their program.

The metabolic routines are composed of short and high-intensity workouts followed by clean eating to help burn fat and build muscles. The gym is closed on Sundays to allow clients and the trainers to attend church services and rest in accordance with Christian tradition.

For the gym’s clients, the prayer and devotional time in between workouts keep them motivated to stick to their program.

As of now, Trinity Fitness has nine branches all over the U.S. Krause said the fitness center is open to people from all kinds of background and faith, but they always focus their programs on Christ because they believe this method will help everyone become spiritually healthy.