7 Health And Fitness Articles You Should Read Today

CrossFit Training Push Ups


 from Well and Good NYC The Body Book: Cameron Diaz’s Smart New Health Book

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Cameron Diaz’s book, head to Amazon. This book is being called the smartest book by any celebrity, yet. Grab your copy and get learning.


 from FitFluentialGet Your Plank On: 17 Plank Workouts to Try

Get abs o’ steel for summer with Fit Fluential’s roundup of 17 plank workouts!See more: The Anatomy of a Perfect Plank      


 from Alden Tan9 Things You Need to Drop to Be Happy

You’ll be surprised that some of the things we do daily may take away from our happiness. Try dropping one or two this weekend and see how it feels!


from Pinch of YumSweet Potato, Kale, And Sausage Bake With White Cheese Sauce

This tasty dish sounds like the perfect addition to a chilly spring Saturday menu! Grab the recipe, go to the grocery store, pick up a movie and prepare for a relaxing night in. Plus, at only 331 calories per serving, it’s GUILT-FREE!


 from Zen to FitnessH.I.I.T. & Tone Workout #10

Get your heart pumping with this workout from Zen to Fitness! You’ll feel it after you’re done.


 from Finding My Fitness5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Running

Breaking into running can give you a sensation like no other, but deciding to run can be intimidating. This guest post by Audrey Clark on Finding My Fitness will help you find the motivation within to run!


 from AllSpice and NutmegFalafel Salad + Pistachio Crusted Yogurt Rounds

I want to incorporate more salads into my life. So the challenge is on to create different, fun salads.

We couldn’t agree more, Norma! We can  include more salads. Try this one next week for lunch!all

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